Your stay at the estate of Podere del Buongustaio is not only a guarantee for  an enchanting landscape and an oasis of tranquility Your hostess Adje also ensures you that there are dayly activites.  Therefore we’re offering the following activities:

Regional wine tasting

Umbria has been a wine producing region since the times of the Etruscans (7th – 5th century BC.). In Tuscany and Umbria wine routes,  are so-called ‘strada di vino. And along these routes, with their vineyards are organized daily trips. Interesting, but large and quite touristy. For that reason, we are organizing  6 different and more private wine tours,  we are visiting  the smaller boutique wineries. Here you can literally taste the personal attention and passion for wine by the Owners. You  will be impressed by all the beauty of stunning landscapes and the delicacies of the Umbrian soil.

Cooking classes 

Your hostess Adje Middelbeek is a very passionate chef with a passion for Italian cuisine. She is very pleased inviting you to one of her cooking classes. She will let you cook with fresh local products, such as mushrooms, truffles and wild herbs. Partly from local farmers, partly harvested on her own territory!

Pizza baking!

Podere del Buongustaio features as one of the few agriturismo’s  an  original – outdoor pizza oven. A pizza baker will teach you how to preparate oven-fresh pizzas! A very enjoyable expierience.

Truffles and mushroom hunting

In the immediate vicinity of Podere del Buongustaio are possibilities for  truffles and / or mushrooms huntings. Together with an experienced truffle / mushroom-hunter you hunt in the morning or afternoon for truffles and mushrooms. The reward follows the same evening: by the preparation of a fabulous meal.

Olive picking

This activity can only take place in November. The estate of Podere del Buongustaio has about 200 olive trees. The olives are picked by hand in November and it is possible for guests to participate in the olive picking, so you will experience this particular Italian tradition and you will  have a lot of fun these day with the other helpers. Also now you have a special reward, after picking you go to the Olive Mill and you will be there when your handpicked olives turned to Oliveoil.

The choice of a possible desired activity (and any costs) are coordinated in consultation with you. Maximum number of participants per activity: 4 people.

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